Mindless Meditation

I first started meditating when I left my parents rural Welsh home, moved to an inner-city environment, and found I couldn’t get to sleep – I could blame the streetlights but to be honest moving away from home and living with strangers was probably a big part of it. Someone at the Karate club IContinue reading “Mindless Meditation”

Fasting First

Hello there and welcome to my first blog post.  I recently wrote a short article for a local magazine as a stand-in for my wife who’d run out of time that week. That reminded me that I like to write, and that as Thrive has been going for over 12 months it was about timeContinue reading “Fasting First”

About Me

Hi, I’m Andrew, after 20 years in the civil service, I decided to train as an Osteopath. I’m now 3 years into a 5 year degree. I set up Thrive in Jan 2020 so it’s had a slow start! Outside of university and work I spend most of my time with my kids and wife, although I’m a keen runner, weightlifter, and karateka too.

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